The American Arrogance-Ignorance Cocktail Explained

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ATK Exotics is a perfect example of the American ignorance and arrogance combination that I, had I been American, would have been thoroughly embarrassed about. Let me explain why:

For something to be considered exotic it means, by definition, that it originates from a foreign place or country. The internet is not a fucking country and the internet is not American, it is global.

Americans, did you know that there are 296 countries, other than the USA in the world? No you didn’t, because you don’t have a clue of anything beyond your borders. You are by far the most ignorant first world country in the world.

On this one specific international social forum that I am a member of, every year without fail an American, never the same one, will start a thread titled along the lines of “What do you have planned for this summer?”. Literally half the globe is going into winter at that time you fucking twat!

I cringe for you.

Even though you’re a bunch of fucking idiots there is some good news: You can score 34% off with this ATK Exotics lifetime discount offer at a price so low it may seem foreign to you.