Bang Hot Latin Teens Like A Champ

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When I was in high school I had a Mexican-American girlfriend. Her father and her grandfather, and all of her uncles would go on trips to Mexico, and every time they did all of the women in the family would get very upset. The men, however, would all get very excited about their Mexico trips.

After graduation the men invited me to come "pop my cherry" in Mexico. I had already fucked my girlfriend so there was not going to be any cherry popping, but my GF was very upset about the idea of me going on the trip too. Eventually I did go on a trip with them, but not until about a year after my GF and I had split up.

Boy what an amazing trip it was. We went to several different brothels and banged numerous girls for cheap. Though I did get an STD, it was totally worth it!

These days those trips aren’t as cheap anymore. You have to go deep into Mexico to get those crazy rates we used to get right at the border. With the current drug war situation going on I don’t want to risk my life for some pussy.

To make up for it I frequent sites like Pacino’s Adventures. This guy goes south of the border – sometimes very far south – and films his exploits. While it isn’t the same as banging them yourself, it does kindle some great memories.

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