Myths About Vaginal Tightening

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While there are lots of rumors and myths floating around about girls in porn and their vaginas needing tightening from being overused, nothing could be further from the truth. The vaginal walls are compressed by four muscles and the skin itself. A truly virgin pussy will have tight skin that will lose its shape within the first few moments of having something placed inside the vulva. Ultimately the muscles will remain tight until they are stretched by child birth.

Fucking does not stretch out a woman’s vagina. It actually causes her to use those muscles, build them up and make her tighter. However, performing feats like fisting or other forms of extreme insertion can cause the muscles to lose their elasticity and no longer hold their shape.

When a woman loses her vaginal shape there are procedures in cosmetic surgery like vaginoplasty that can help by increasing the wall width and therefore the tightness of the overall vagina as the cavity is filled with flesh.

Be sure to steer clear of poor doctors that have numerous complaints by checking sites like Google or Bing. Your sex life may depend on it!