Saturday Night Latinas : Fabiane

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Guys have three things they care about… well, that is if they aren’t pussy whipped shitheads anyway…

First, they need a great rump they can hold on to while hitting an onion ass from behind. Shit, you can even grip those hips while she rides you reverse cowgirl. Fabiane not only has a fucktabulous ass, she also has a fucktabulous cunt!

Second, a girl needs to know how to give a good blowjob. Latin girls are fucking amazing as this sort of thing. They don’t mind getting crazy and they are brought up knowing that their place in life is pleasing their man!

And lastly, we need our football! That is, NFL football motherfucker! So when this guy found Faniane at Saturday Night Latinas he knew he could take this bitch home and let her sleep over the next day. She gives him a porn star blowjob every time his team scores a touch down.

What a great bitch!

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